But From Where Will We Get Our Butter?

The Embassy of India at Jordan, pharmacy Amman has informed Pharmexcil that due to the public boycott of Danish products in Jordan, following the cartoon controversy, new trade opportunities have arisen for other countries to replace Denmark as a source for several products imported by Jordan.

One major product that requires immediate replacement is insulin, which is being imported from Denmark so far. The Jordanian importers are now looking at alternative sources for insulin supply.

“The Embassy of India was advised by the Jordan Chamber of Commerce to bring this fact to the attention of manufacturers of insulin in India,” said Dr PV Appaji, executive director of Pharmexcil.

Pharmexcil has for this purpose sent communication to all its members, who manufacture or export insulin to initiate discussions with the Jordan Chamber of Commerce. [source]


Do diabetics in Jordan actually check to see if their insulin comes with a “Made in Denmark” sticker?

But in an ode to always looking at the bright side of life, this could mean cheaper insulin.

Cheaper butter too if we start importing it from Uzbekistan. After all, who in their right mind can resist a warm roll with some Uzbekistanian butter? mmmm.


  • no calls for boycotting can justify leaving patients without medication. Novo Nordisk is a world leader in recombinant pharmaceutical products especially insulin. you may find alternatives, but not all patients achieve the same level of disease management with other insulin sources.

    idiocy should stop when people’s well-being is jeopardized. i sure hope there was no stand against importing pharmaceuticals from Denmark in Jordan (at least).

  • jameed, i think the idiocy should’ve stopped well before it got to anything related to people’s well-being. the only thing I can be thankful for is that this is a public boycott and not a government boycott.

    now imagine what would’ve happened if kerak got into a fight with amman and there was a boycott of jameed keraki…

    talk about chaos in the middle east 😀

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