Got Ben Folds on My Radio

This week the songs are pretty much all piano-driven tracks. And who better than Ben Folds when it comes to piano-riffs?

Some of the greatest hits I love to hear over and over are “The Luckiest”, “Time” and “We’re Still fighting it”. I really like the lyrics of the latter: “Everybody know, it hurts to grow up…”.

Ben Folds also reminds me of my favorite band the Counting Crows. There’s a live version of the Counting Crow’s “Long December” with Ben Folds playing Piano, so check it out if you can find it out there somewhere. I’ve put up a more pop-rock song though from the album ‘Recovering the Sattelites’ called “Monkey”. Don’t judge a song by its name though.

Songs that are new to my ears this week include another piano-driven track called “Different” from Acceptance. Another one is a very cool jazzy number by Herbie Hancock with a touch of John Mayer’s vocal and guitar talents: called “Stitched Up”.

Lastly two acoustic tracks (can’t have a radio playlist without an acoustic song or two) come by way of The Fray with “Unsaid” and Trading Yesterday’s “One Day” (ironic name).

Check them all out on The Black Iris Radio this week.

“Got nowhere but home to go
Got Ben Folds on my radio
right now”

Monkey – Counting Crows


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