Jewish Settlers Daub Anti-Prophet Graffiti on Mosque

Anti-Prophet graffiti has been daubed by Jewish settlers on the wall of a mosque in the occupied West Bank, an Israeli military source and local residents said Sunday, February 12.

The graffiti was first discovered by the mosque’s custodian Osman Zamari when he opened the building at daybreak, reported Agence France-Presse (AFP).

“I was opening up as I do every morning and I noticed this writing in Hebrew,” the 67-year-old Zamari said.

“I didn’t know what it was so I went to tell other mosque officials who consequently protested to the local military authorities,” he added.

Palestinian residents said the slogan written in red letters in Hebrew denigrated Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him).

A Star of David was also daubed on the Muslim prayer place, they added.

An Israeli military source confirmed the incident.

“During the night, a group of settlers came to a mosque in the village of Nabi Ilyas and sprayed the graffiti,” the source was quoted by Reuters as saying.

He added that troops had quickly gone to the village to paint over the graffiti, adding that it was not known who was behind the incident.

In August of 2005, Jewish settlers dropped a pig head into a mosque in Jaffa, wrapped by a veil on which was written the name of Prophet Muhammad in Hebrew [source]


  • Are we going to see marches and attacks on Israeli embassies? Cause if we won’t (and I know we won’t) I’ll bang my head against the wall! No not because I think we should kill Israelis or attack Israeli embassies but because the hypocrisy and irony of this world will surface once again in it’s clearest form.

  • lol … true …

    A reminder: one of the Holiest Places has been under occupation for how many years now?!

    Another reminder: the outbreak of the 2nd intifada (Palestinian uprising) was do to what?

    A final reminder: When it comes to Palestine and Jerusalem the Arab World is half asleep! half blind! and utterly completely pathetic

  • Hi Naseem –

    I found your blog through Toot, which I wrote about and recommended on my own blog and on a post I wrote for (the name is ironic, not political 😉 ).

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your opinions, and look forward to checking your blog on a regular basis.

    I’d just like to point out that the incident you describe was condemned by all the Israeli media – including the right-wing newspapers with a pro-settler agenda. The people who committed this act belong to a tiny, fringe group of insane extremists.

    As you do point out, Israeli policemen were assigned to remove the graffiti as soon as it was discovered.

    And by the way, the person who threw the pig’s head into the garden of the Tel Aviv mosque was a woman with mental health problems who was known to the police. Her action was also condemned by the Israeli media. I believe that she was found and arrested.

  • Iâ??d just like to point out that the incident you describe…

    …As you do point out…

    Lisa, thanks for stopping by. i just wanted to point out that this isn’t something I wrote, but rather an article i posted. But thank you for the additional info. Appreciated.

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