Hijra New Year 1427: Lessons in Compassion

Happy New Year Everyone! The Hijra is an important event in Islamic history, it was the turning point, the start of something grand. As the Prophet (pbuh) and his companion Abu Bakr (ra) fled across the desert from Mecca to Yathrib they hid in caves. So I’m reminded of this story which is probably my favorite piece of Islamic history, but more so because they just don’t make friends like these any more:

During the Hijra of the Prophet pbuh with Abu Bakr, in the cave of Thawr, Abu Bakr entered first and tore pieces of his cloth to fill the holls of the cave. The Prophet pbuh fell asleep beside Abu Bakr when suddenly Abu Bakr noticed an uncovered hole and so he stretched his leg over to cover it, fearing something would come out and sting the Prophet pbuh. So Abu Bakr got stung by a scorpion, and he did not scream or move because he did not want to disturb the Prophet’s sleep until the tears fell from his eye on the prophet’s face and eventually woke him up

In the spirit of the Hijra, I urge everyone (Muslim or non-Muslim) to donate a little something for the Asia Earthquake victims. There are still 2.5 million people in Pakistan who are homeless in the middle of winter.



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