More on Jordan Turning Away Israelis for being too Jewish

Jordan responds to the news that Israelis were turned away at the border.

Government Spokesman Nasser Judeh on Thursday confirmed that authorities had barred a group of Israeli Orthodox Jews from entering the Kingdom, ed but insisted the move â??was not politically motivated.â?

Judeh said the move to ban the group of tourists from entering Jordan earlier this week â??was a border control issue and had no political dimension.â?

He did not elaborate further.

An Israeli official was quoted yesterday as saying that Jordan prevented a group of Israelis from entering for fear their religious garb would make them a target of attacks.

Israeli and Jordanian authorities have been in contact over the Jordanian policy not to admit Israelis who wear the Orthodox Jewish garb of prayer fringes and skullcaps, tadalafil Israeli Foreign Ministry Spokesman Mark Regev was quoted by the Associated Press as saying.

â??The Jordanians have raised serious concerns as to safety and we are continuing a dialogue with them, buy cialis â? he added.

â??The primary issue raised by the Jordanians is that someone who is obviously Jewish or Israeli is a likely target for terrorists,â? another Israeli official told Reuters.

In August, 2005, Israel issued a travel warning to all its citizens not to visit Jordan based on â??concreteâ? security warnings of possible attacks by militant groups. The advisory does not bar Israelis from visiting Jordan, but states that travel there is subject to their individual judgement.

The advisory instructs Israelis visiting high-risk areas to refrain from exhibiting signs of their religion, including yarmulkes (kippot) as well as Jewish stars and other jewellery. [source]

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