Under the Weather Kind of Radio

The mental clouds that have been hovering like vultures around my head the past few days, have circled away. Actually the first two days of sickness are reminiscent of the several tweety birds that spun dizzily around Sylvester after another failed attempt of lunching. The third day is the Acme anvil falling on Wile E. Coyoteâ??s head. If only life truly imitated art; we’d all be living in a Who Killed Roger Rabbit state of mind.

I think the flu shots they make me take every year are a placebo. A placebo I say! Maybe thatâ??s why they’re free. So be warned, next time your 3 year old cousin wipes her nose on your sweater, disinfect it immediately.

My mother says I caught a cold. Actually if I were to translate the words literally from Arabic it would be along the lines of “the cold hit you”. There’s also “the Sun hit you” reserved for special summer occasions (usually vacations). I don’t know if the cold or the Sun for that matter can actually hit a human being. I thought it was an urban legend. I thought you can only get sick if you come into contact with a virus and hence by becoming a recluse and sticking to the great indoors you can manage to create a biosphere, germ-free. Not so. The cold in Canada can at times throw you down to the ground and proceed to go all Mortal Kombat on your ass in some alleyway, before steeling your wallet. One more thing to be afraid of when walking the streets at night: thugs and the wind.

Of course I am writing all this because I have not been sick for about, oh, 3 years. A record was broken. The worst thing is of course being sick and still having to work or study. Remember in grade school when sick meant going home? No midterms or papers in sight.

I’ve also managed to blog. Just barely. Is that a true testament of ones allegiance…to blogging?

Scary thought.

But music has kept me company.

No time or energy to hunt for new sounds but Holly Brooks just sort of appeared. You might remember her voice as the chorus to Fort Minor’s Where’d You Go?. Well she is on the Linkin Park record label Machine Shop. She has a new album, Like Blood Like honey, is coming out soon. I’ve only listened to three songs or so but I’ve been playing them constantly. Think Sarah Mclachlan or Fiona Apple. The songs, Heavy and Curious, you can hear on her site so I won’t put them up on the radio. There’s also Wanted and a few DVD video clips of her playing that are featured on MySpace.

But mostly it’s been Pete Yorn. The album ‘musicforthemorningafter’ is probably one of my top 5 desert island picks. So I’ve been listening to that and a few songs from ‘Day I Forgot’ (I actually have an autographed album but that’s another story). So I’ve put up a couple on the radio.

Also playing is some Vertical Horizon and Jack Johnson. Anywho, check’em out, they’re up on the radio.


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