Oil in Jordan: Could it be True, Finally?

An interesting read in The Star today which discusses the recent oil exploration in Jordan that is the largest and most extensive in its history. I blogged about this back in July and October 2005.

This section particularly interested me:

…A lack of infrastructure and resources for exploration is something that all the companies investing in Jordan are facing as their next challenge. Currently the National Petroleum Company operates a drilling rig in its area and TransGlobal has gained access on a long-term lease to suitable drilling rigs, recipe but both Petrel and Sonoran are searching for a rig for their drilling. This lack of domestic resources and the current international hunger for rigs from major companies such as Saudi-Aramco have made for this to be a very competitive market.

This situation would provide an opening for Jordanian engineering firms to expand into. However, tadalafil Nick Abraham of TransGlobal counseled prudence on this matter. “We do not see oil as a panacea to the Jordanian economy and although a lively sub-contraction industry will hopefully develop we believe that the Jordanian government has learnt from other neighboring countries not to over-hype the matter, see ” Abraham said. One of the companies, specializing in this sector is the Geophysical Services Center (GSC), started by former members of the Natural Resources Authority, which offers survey interpretation services across the region and is based in Amman. Abraham further commented on this “we try to use Jordanian firms wherever possible and hope to involve more in the future as we expand”.


  • â??We do not see oil as a panacea to the Jordanian economy and although a lively sub-contraction industry will hopefully develop we believe that the Jordanian government has learnt from other neighboring countries not to over-hype the matter,â? Abraham said.”

    Interesting, Jordan should make the best of this, we should hype it!! enough secrecy, the next thing we’ll hear about is Israel sucking out what they want us to believe small amounts of oil not worthy of extrusion and its expenses.

  • I have a strange personal hope that oil will not be found in Jordan. We are alraedy living in a consumption-crazy society and a strong political/ economic network of corruption without oil. If oil is discovered, more corruption and disparities between social strata will develop. We are better-off this way.

  • Batir, welcome to my blog. I do tend to agree with you; we do live in a consumption-crazed culture as is. However on the other hand given the fact that we will probably not have those elephant fields and therefore elephant sized production of oil, I’m guessing the future will be towards more of oil revenues that can lower oil prices a bit and ease up on the burden of costs on the lower classes. In other words it wont be enough for us to be dependent on it, but probably just enough to make things a bit easier.

  • Batir and Nas, have you read the newspaper today to find out about the meeting at the parliament house, most sincere MPs(and I say sincere only) have criticised the minister of energy because they are smelling the sent of corruption (again). Jordan, like many other 3rd world countries is full of corruption and unfortunately corruption is happening between business men (tycoons) and politicians, bribes, political pressure, you name it, all is involved in the corruption process. I see things going the wrong way while these people (tycoon businessmen and politicians) are taking the people to what looks like poverty.
    The last license given to the mobile operator Omniah is another example of corruption. Ask me how.

    Thanks for reading my coments

  • mnih, yes actually i did read about that today. apparently some of the people on the board of the US oil company are past ministers with obvious interests in the deal. i think the deal has the company taking 60 per cent of the profit which is obviously unfair and an exploitation of what little natural resources we have.

    whats up with ummniah?

  • Before any oil should be pumped to serve Jordan’s need, there should be free and fair democratic elections in Jordan. The entire royal system should become a symbolic symbol like the monarchy of Spain. The best qualified people should be allowed to run the country. There should be term limits of all elected officials. There should be no seats in parliment based on gender, religion or ethnic origin. There must be strict accounting controls available for public view of all government transactions. All financial accounts of people serving in elected public office must be frozen until that person leaves office. This will eliminate the possiblilty of elected officials being able to use any possible bribes. Set strict punishments for corruption by elected officials. All campaigns for public office will be funded by the government following the standards set by the state of Connecticut in the United States. Once these measures are done, then start pumping the oil for the benefit of all of the people of Jordan.

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