So What Were Your High School Memories Like?

I have some very fond memories of high school in Amman. There was the time our class went on a camping trip and that other time when a couple of us formed a rock “band” or when we just hung out in the library talking religion and politics with our favorite teachers. And who could forget about that time when soldiers marched in to our school and started beating us? When they shot tear gas and sound bombs at us? Or when 800 square meters of our school yard was replaced with a wall and one of our friends was beaten by soldiers till they broke his leg

Oh wait. These are not my memories…

Students from Anata secondary school have resisted an attack by Occupation Forces on their school, buy cialis its pupils and teachers. On January the 2nd, there a large contingent of soldiers arrived at the school after classes had begun and began to physically attack students and teachers. One teacher was singled out for arrest, but students and teachers stood united against the Occupation Forces and prevented the arrest.

Soldiers left the school but waited at short distance until the classes ended. As students filtered out from the school Occupation Forces fired tear gas and sound bombs at students and staff. Many children were overcome by the volume of tear gas and collapsed with breathing difficulties. Occupation Soldiers then beat 15 year old Muhamed Abed al Wahab al Khateeb until his leg was broken.

800 meters2 of the schoolyard was destroyed on the 15th of August in 2005 for the path of the Apartheid Wall which cuts across the playground. The Apartheid Wall is the pretext used by the Occupation to perpetually harass and attack students. Studentsâ?? education has been continually disrupted by the Occupation Forces who maintain a constant presence around the school. This has provoked repeated clashes as Palestinian students continue to assert their right to learn and their refusal to accept the Apartheid Wall on their land.

Anata is one of the many villages around Jerusalem, woven into the fabric, culture and history of the Palestinian capital. The Apartheid Wall has shut them out from the city and also cuts the inhabitants of Anata off from their land. Palestinians here once owned more than 34,000 dunums of land. The total land of Anata today is a mere 4,000 dunums, due to the continual expansion of Jewish-only settlements on Palestinian land.

Before & After (the wall)

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  • Would it be possible for the school to bulldoze that part of the wall down during the night? Or maybe have one of the militant groups blast it off during the night? I wonder what the Israeli reaction will be, and what the world reaction will be as well.

  • Hamzeh, “I wonder what the Israeli reaction will be, and what the world reaction will be as well.”

    Israel will destroy the school by next nightfall. Around the world the news will report that Israel destroyed a school during the night that was said to harbour terrorists. Everyone will sleep easier knowing Palestinian terrorists are miles and miles and miles away….

  • Ok, what if the palestinian authority tomorrow issues a permit (or an order) for the school to bulldoze the part of the wall that is on its land.

    I’m just thinking of ways that a ligitimate confrontation can come to place regarding the wall between school officials and the israeli government, and I want the whole world to see.

  • Hamzeh, Then the surrounding area will be enclosed, and within 48 hours Israel will have bulldozed the entire school, built a settlement and a wall around it. and no one will ever know except a few palestinian school children and their teachers. 😀

    while the above my sound sarcastic note that the people of Anata used to own 34,000 dunums of the land and now only 4,000

  • Hamzeh, yeah your right. I’ve thought of it myself. perhaps its considered suicide.

    either way walls can be rebuilt quite easily….and torn down down just easily. the future of this wall is inivetably the latter.

  • Did anyone watch the news yesterday? Palestinians from Fateh bulldozed the wall between Rafah and Egypt, it was an egyptian wall! I didn’t like that at all, if at first I tried to translate it to an action of protest, but when I saw them bringing the piled blocks down easily, since they weren’t actually infixed, I felt disgusted. It turned out they’re protesting the arrest of a man connected to the kidnapping of Kate Briton, the human right activist! and what was the result? the death of two egyptian guards.

    If they have bulldozers and they are actually capable of bringing anything down why don’t they try with the apartheid wall instead??

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