15 Years For Strangling Pregnant Wife?!

The Criminal Court sentenced a man on Thursday to 15 years in prison for strangling his pregnant wife to death.

The tribunal found Majid Mohammad, 35, guilty of murdering his second wife, who was 27 years old, after an argument in their home on Jan. 6, 2004.

The victim was the mother of a six-year-old boy and was three months pregnant, the court said.

â??The defendant also had knowledge that his wife was seeing other men and he saw her on several occasions with a taxi driver alone,â? the court said.

Mohammad’s first wife also informed him that she saw a man leaving the house of the victim two months before the incident, the court added.

On the night of the murder, court transcripts said, the couple consumed alcohol then had an argument about â??the victim’s alleged immoral affairs.â?

â??The argument became heated and the defendant strangled his wife to death with his hands,â? the court said. [source]

When this man leaves prison he will be 50 years old.


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