Wake Me Up Before You JO-JO

I had two pieces published in JO Magazine recently under a monthly column. If you are not familiar with JO I highly recommend it, amongst the filler of useless glamour and fashion junkie mags JO is the only English magazine in Jordan that actually has something to say.

The first piece was entitled Army of One, and talks about life after 9/11. I wrote it in October and it came out in the November issue. What’s strange is that around the time it came out we suffered our own terrorist attack in Amman, which inspired my second piece entitled Delayed that came out in December. I thought it would be cool to post them up here side by side. You can click on the thumbnails to enlarge them to full (readable) size.

Also up there are two features I wrote during the summer while I interned there. One is about Jordan Planet and blogging (entitled: Talking to Strangers) and has a few interesting quotes from the planet’s very own citizens such as Isam, Roba, Lina and Deeb. The other is on Amr Khaled’s “Life Makers” Campaign and it’s franchise in Jordan (entitled: The Force of Imagination). I just managed to scan these recently.

While I was looking through one of the issues I also came upon a little piece that was done on the book Arab Voices Speak to American Hearts by Samar Jarrah, which I recently reviewed up here.

Anywho, since the New Year is just around the corner I highly recommend subscribing to the monthly magazine if you live in Jordan. They tend to hear about things before they even happen and the monthly features are great, especially the ones that tackle Jordanian issues. The issues cost 2.5 JDs and usually runs at about 150 pages, although an annual subscription will cost you less. On that note, I wonder why people don’t buy each other subscriptions to magazines in Jordan? Hmm, they do it all the time here; it’s a nifty gift idea. People in Jordan should read more. Reading makes you smrt.

p.s. please excuse the title of this post as I’m a little under the weather and can’t be expected to work at full mental capacity right now.


  • I have the JO issue in which you published “talking to strangers”, but regarding your other articles, I can not view images hosted on flickr unfortunately.Reading only one issue, I can say it was a good read. I recommended it to my cousin actually, wish I could subscribe from outside of Jordan.

    Anyhow, good work Nas πŸ™‚

  • Nas I totally agree that JO is a superb magazine that has pushed the boundaries of investigative journalism and always has rich and serious content. And I like the idea of the gift-subscrition, I’m still accepting Christmas presents if anyone is wondering πŸ˜‰

    Oh, and your articles are very interesting, I’ve been reading your new column, but I missed your Amr Khaled aticle, will go dig for it in my magazine drawer! Keep up the great work.

    By the way, I tried answering 3 below in the spam question, and was disappointed to see that I failed the quiz… 1+1 does not always equal two ya Naseem, Lina el mfalsafeh says 3 and Lina the engineer says 10 ;p

  • I loved your “delayed” piece! Beautiful work nasaneesoo! πŸ™‚

    “I wish I was there, I say, but your anger, your frustration, your voices on the streets: I feel all of this. None of it is delayed, all of it, on time.”

    EXACTLY my thoughts! Wonderful ending to a wonderful piece of work. Keep it up!

  • How exactly does one go about receiving a subscription in Jordan? Doesn’t that require that most trifling of details, an address? Of some sort? Instead of “two blocks past the Safeway”?

    And is it possible to get this subscription overseas? Because if it’s got something to say about Jordan that’s not only worth reading but is also in English, then I’m all over that like white on bread. Except that I’m not currently in Jordan, and that’s the problem you see…

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