King Kong Walks the Line

Director of Lord of the Rings, Peter Jackson, is at the helm of remaking the classic King Kong. Carl Denham, played by Jack Black is a movie producer on the edge of his career so he takes his last chance by sailing off to the mysterious and unchartered Skull island along with his lead actress Ann Darrow played by Naomi Watts and his screenwriter played by Adrien Brody. On the island Anne is kidnapped by the natives and offered as a sacrafice to Kong who instead of killing her saves her. Denham however has something more up his sleeve as he manages to capture Kong and bring him back to New York to put on Broadway.

Most people already know the story as it is such a classic. However never has it been done with so much CGI and greeen screen technology that it made it look realistic. Jackson presents the whole movie in classic form, from costume to new york city to the opening an closing credits. The effects make the creatures appear pretty realistic although I think more time was spent on Kong than anything else. However at the same time the mix of actors and the effects dont blend in perfectly and there are times where they appear unrealistic.

The movie is also very long. It was 3 hours and 10 minutes which is more than I’m willing to spend in a theatre seat. Also nothing seemed to happen in the first hour. There was a lot of lost dialouge and whole scenes that could have been easily cut not to mention the focus on building up characters who end up dead anyway. Because of this there was this long feeling of anticipation to see Kong who does not make an appearance until the second hour. Though to be fair at this point the movie really comes alive and takes off.

It is quite the spectecal and a good popcorn blockbuster that actually has an interesting story to go along with it. It’s also pretty family friendly.

Bottom Line: 4/5

Walk The Line is the life story of Johnny Cash and his second wife June Carter Cash played by Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon respectivly. The movie is actually well done. Cash as a character is not as captivating as Ray Charles who was very charismatic but Phoenix’s performance is dead on. Like Ray Charles however Cash had to deal with drugs, infedility and being on the road. Though much of Chash’s life becomes dominated by the desire to marry June who eventually became his wife in the 60’s and they died I think 4 months apart in 2003. Both Phoenix and Ritherspoon did their own singing which is almost hard to believe since it is so great.

Robert Patrick also plays the role of Cash’s father who has never made peace with the fact that “God took the wrong son” when Johnny’s older brother Jake, ‘the good son’, died in a saw accident when they were both very young.

The movie is based on 2 books: Man in Black and Cash The Autobiography by Johnny Cash. Two musicians make an onscreen appearance: Tyler Hilton plays Elvis Presley and Shelby Lynne plays Carrie Cash.

Bottom Line: 4/5


  • Nice reviews Nas .. I would love to watch the movies now to relate to your comments
    Thank you 🙂
    Keep them coming

    P.S. King Kong is my first recollection of movies and video … I actually remember the black and white movie when dad brought it home and we were allowed to watch it 😛

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