News Clippings From Jordan

Railway deal between Riyadh and Jordan

Saudi Arabia signed a 136.7 million-dollar deal with an international consortium for the supervision of the contruction of a railway line linking Riyadh to the Jordanian borders…

The group was entrusted to carry out consultancy works for the railway line running across the Arabian desert between Riyadh and the Saudi borders with Jordan along a distance of about 2,400 kilometers (1,491 miles). [article]

Grand Hayatt Security Since Attacks

The Grand Hyatt Amman has adopted the XPress Telecommunications One-to-Many Push-to-Talk service as part of its new operating procedures.

Guests wishing to visit Grand Hyatt Amman will be asked for their names at the door where a valet will utilize the One-to-Many Push-to-Talk feature to inform 10 strategic personnel of the new guest. [article]

International Tobacco & Cigarettes Company Celebrates 11 Years of Killing Jordanians

This weeks marks the International Tobacco and Cigarettes Companyâ??s (ITC) 11th anniversary following another successful year of steady growth, landmark achievements, and strategic alliances, validating its innovative business approaches and tactics on a local, regional and global scale. [article]

Another Honor Crime…Maybe

The authorities on Monday questioned the family of a 20-year-old woman who died in mysterious circumstances at her family’s home over the weekend.

The family told the attending doctors that their daughter was taking a shower when she slipped and her head hit the wash basin causing it to break, the source said.

â??Conducting a closer examination of the victim’s body, physicians at the hospital detected several cuts on different parts of the body that did not match the accident story told by the family,â? the source said.

…pathologists said a sharp object such as a meat cleaver â??might have caused the cuts found on the victim’s body,â?

…autopsy report also mentioned that the victim was not sexually active

If investigations prove the woman was murdered by one of her family members for family-related reasons, she would be the 14th person reportedly murdered in the Kingdom in a so-called honour crime since the beginning of the year. [article]


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