Arab Voices Speak to American Hearts

I just got an email from Samar Jarrah, author of the book “Arab Voices Speak to American Hearts”, so I’m spreading the news as I should.

I will be ordering the book for some winter reading and I’ll post my review of it soon. So for now the following information should suffice:

â??Iâ??m afraid that if I watch a lot of TV, I will start to hate myself as an Arab, or as a Muslim or as a Palestinian,â? says Samar Dahmash-Jarrah, â??because there is nothing out there except bias and stereotyping and hatred.â?

â??For three-and-a-half years, all I did was answer questions on behalf of Arabs and Muslims,â? she said. â??Finally I said, â??maybe itâ??s about time that I let Arabs answer these questions that Americans keep asking me.â?? â??

Jarrah sent out emails to every American she knew, soliciting the questions people wanted to ask an average Arab on the street, consolidating them into 100 questions in 7 categories: religion, 9/11, the war in Iraq, womenâ??s roles, Israel and Palestine, Arab and Muslim society and U.S.â??Middle East relations.

Jarrah then traveled to Egypt, Jordan and Kuwait and interviewed a dozen random strangers: Women and men, Christians and Muslims, with a cross-section of education and accomplishment, ranging from ages 19 to 66. The transcripts of the answers to those questions have been compiled in her self-published book, Arab Voices Speak to American Hearts. [source]

Four Jordanians are featured in the book who answer question posed to them directly by Americans.

Howard Zinn calls it an “important bookâ?¦.these voices are heartfelt and cannot fail to move any reader. I hope the book gets wide distribution.”

The book will be sold in Jordan at Al-Bustan book store, this Thursday the 8th so go out and get a copy.

Spread the word please…


  • the success of the book will immensly rely on arabs doing their share and spreading the word. advertise in anyway possible. do you have any info regarding the release date of the book and whether or not it will be available to order in north america?

  • Oh wow! This is totally a must read!! I’ll ask the local bookshops if it’s going to be released over here! If not, Amazon, here i come! 🙂

  • I ordered the book from Amazon, It’s a great informative book for Arabs and non Arabs as well. I also called Bustan and they informed me that the book is avaialble in stores.
    Can’t wait to read the 2nd edition of the book!

  • As someone living in America, I feel the success of this book and its mission (to build bridges between our two peoples) depends largely on feedback by readers in the Middle East. By taking an active role in creating direct dialogue via e-mail between indiviidual Arabs and Americans , you will help in an important and positive way towards eliminating the many negative stereotypes that exist. Ms Dahmash-Jarrah is a visionary with a commitment to peace.

  • I agree that the success of this book depends largely on the commitment of Arabs around the world who wish to have their voices heard over the cacaphony of the media that espouses nothing but Islamic and Arab extremism. This is a great book not only for Americans, but Arabs as well who have the desire to begin such a peaceful dialogue. Thumbs up to Samar who has dedicated her life to this cause.

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  • I am an American Jew that was in Israel from 1968-1971 I travelled
    with muslim friends to seven Arab countries. I have written four books on my experiences with Americans. and Real People from the Real world. They are called The Rise and Fall of the American Empire IN my opinion about the plight of Arabs, JEWS and Christians I believe there will never be peace until everyone one of us, MUSLIM JEW AND CHRISTIAN accept the FACT that we are serving the same God. JEWS AND ARABS are BROTHERS Ishmael and Isaac ARE HALF BROTHERS The Cristians are from Jesus Christ a Jew who I believe opened the doors to paradise for the GENTILE. Jesus made it possible for them to reach the place the JEW and Muslim go.Everyone has to accept that, We are all brothers and sisters in God. Until then there will never be PEACE My books are on all the booksites Edward Kahn
    Please contact me for books signed or donated

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