Top Ten New President Bush Strategies For Victory in Iraq

Top Ten New President Bush Strategies For Victory in Iraq

10. “Make an even larger ‘Mission Accomplished’ sign”

9. “Encourage Iraqis to settle their feud like Dave and Oprah”

8. “Put that go-getter Michael Brown in charge”

7. “Launch slogan, ‘It’s not Iraq, it’s Weraq'”

6. “Just do whatever he did when he captured Osama”

5. “A little more vacation time at the ranch to clear his head”

4. “Pack on a quick 30 pounds and trade places with Jeb”

3. “Wait, you mean it ain’t going well?”

2. “Boost morale by doing his hilarious ‘Locked Door’ gag”

1. “Place Saddam back in power and tell him, ‘It’s your problem now, dude'”


  • Lol the Oprah-Letterman feud!
    Is she running for office or something?I know it’s because of her lousy “The Color Purple” Broadway they made up,but if she’s all that kindhearted,modest,smart,and lovely thing we are being told to believe,how come it took her 16 years?
    My god this Oprah thing is so overated! Seriously what’s so great about her?
    Gives you some hint on how would it be if the world was run by the alike of Oprah,Martha Stewart,and Courtney love.
    Celebrities!So when did they become role models?
    Just look at Dubya!Man he’s so damn funny…I also like others stunts such as “This is a crusade” , “The internets” he’s something I tell ya.

    Emad’s cartoon is genious,though if he had put Rummies face it would have been my wallpaper for a while.

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