Umm, We Have a New Prime Minister?

Marouf Bakhit…wait…wasn’t he just named National Security Director and Director of the King’s Office, like, last week? Dude, does he, like, get three salaries now or what? Wasn’t he just in Syria yesterday handing a letter from the King to Assad? Dude, you didn’t see the signs.

Marouf Bakhit, on the back burner of Jordanian Politics. A retired army major-general with a reputation for being tough and a PhD in Political Science. His background in Jordanian political history is mostly that of military and security, but he did head up the committee that oversaw the implementation of the Jordan-Israeli peace treaty over a decade ago, as well as playing ambassador in Israel up until 2 weeks ago that is.

I don’t seem him as a political reformer but then again all hope of reform in the country has always rested with the more top-down paradigm. However, according to Al-Ghad newspaper a source is quoted as saying that "The responsibility of AlBakhit’s goverment will be insuring the implementation of reform programs in accordance with the National Agenda". Only time will tell. (7 months is the record to beat)

While it should be noted that a shuffle in the government has been expected for well over a month now there’s no doubt in my mind that the King’s choice has obviously been effected by the recent bombings. Maybe we are in fact seeing a shift towards the intelligence and security community base instead of the more progressive liberal academia prime minister types.

In my opinion (if I dare venture forth towards unchartered territories) expect the same old same old with a bit of buffed up security retoric, just enough to calm the troops and quell the fears. Either way I am honestly loosing track here of all the names and positions and credintials. One thing is certain though, given this rate, my chances for being appointed Prime Minister are improving everyday.

That being said, here are snippets from Dr. Bakhit’s CV (thereallyreallyimprotantstuff) :

1947: Born

1964: Joined Army

1999: Retired from Army

Somewhere during this time line the Prime Minister was an ambassador to Turkey (2002-05) and then to Israel (2005).

Also he was President of Mu’tah University (which trains army and police also) with a reputation for being tough (but fair). He also taught Political Sciences there briefly.

He has… a

BA in Political Science & Public Administration from the University of Jordan

Masters in Public Administration from University of Southern California

PhD in Political Science from London University And also has 14 Medals, a wife and three children.


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