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I honestly honestly believe that the strangest, funniest and craziest news comes straight out of Saudi Arabia (then Egypt). Before any accusations take charge it should be noted I love Saudis, in fact I love all Arabs, I’m one of those ‘all arabs should unite’ kind of people i.e. a dying race of people. So here’s a nice round up from the Kingdom south of our own.

Porn SMS Message Causes Divorce

JIZAN, 22 November 2005 â?? A wife left her husband after porn SMS messages continued to arrive on his phone, Okaz reported. The wife left her husband and asked for divorce. The husband complained to STC (Saudi Telecom Company) about the porn messages coming from unknown persons. It turned out that they were coming from a website that sends messages to mobile phones without disclosing the source of the sender.

Gives new meaning to “mobile envy”

Teacher Plays With Grades in Revenge

TAIF, 22 November 2005 â?? A teacher in an elementary school found a nice way to retaliate against her friend by failing her daughter, Al-Watan reported. The teacher, after disagreeing with her friend, deducted some points from her daughterâ??s grade in math. When the mother complained, she immediately corrected the grade. The mother complained to the Education Ministry that is now investigating.

Why I still think Parent-Teacher meetings are a bad idea.

Man Arrested for Drugging Neighbors

ASIR, 22 November 2005 â?? Police in Asir arrested a Saudi man for retaliating against his neighbors using drugs, Al-Madinah reported. The man put drugs in the water tank of the building to retaliate against his neighbor who uses the water for drinking. The family was addicted to drugs. Police arrested the man and held him for questioning while the family is receiving treatment at a drug treatment center.

Saudis take vengance really serious me thinks.

Memorize Qurâ??an, Woman Tells Suitor

JEDDAH, 22 November 2005 â?? A woman demanded from a man who asked her hand in marriage to memorize the holy Qurâ??an as a condition of accepting to marry him, Al-Watan reported. The 21-year-old woman said that she is not interested in money as much as she is interested in a good religious husband. The woman said that she would hold a test in which she will ask them to recite the Qurâ??an without a mistake.

I went out of my mind when I read this! I did not think such a thing could happen in this day and age! Either this is a phenomenal woman or she really really does not want to marry this guy.

I hoping the former is true because it reminded me of a very famous story in Islamic history:

Malik Ibn an-Nadher was married to Um Sulaym in Medina (Yathrib at the time) but when the Prophet pbuh came there and with him the law of ‘no alcohol’ Maalik decided to leave Medina and go to Syria because he did not like the ban. He later died there as a non-believer in God. Anyway…

Enter Abu Talhah, a very very wealthy man who proposed marriage to Um Sulaym. She said, “O Abu Talhah, a man like you would not be turned down, but you are a non-believer, and I am a Muslim woman. It is not right for me to marry you.” He said, “But this is the chance of a lifetime!” She said, “What chance?” He said, “The yellow and white (i.e., he was tempting her with a mahr or dowry of gold and silver).” She said, “I do not want any yellow or white. I want you to become Muslim. If you become Muslim, that will be my mahr, and I will not ask you for anything else.” He asked, “Who could help me with to become a Muslim?” She said, “The Messenger of Allaah pbuh will help you.”

So Abu Talhah went to look for the Prophet (pbuh), who was sitting with his Companions. When the Prophet (pbuh) saw him, he said, “Abu Talhah is coming to you with the light of Islam shining on his forehead.” He knew that Abu Talhah would become a Muslim even before he spoke. Abu Talhah told the Messenger of Allaah (pbuh) about what Um Sulaym had said, and he married her on that basis.

Thaabit (one of the people who narrated the story from Anas) said: “We have never heard of any mahr greater than this, she accepted his Islam as her dowry.”


  • that man who drugged his neighbors took all the time to do that and had enough time to regret it and try to do something about it but he didn’t…truely evil.

  • (Maalik ibn Anas ……. He later died there as a non-believer in God. Anywayâ?¦ )

    I want you to make sure of the name of that guy,, coz we know him as a good muslim.

    for others sotries,,, it’s really so nice . it shows what arabic mind could do when we use it. so it’s better to keep it unused.

    Thank you

  • That was Anas bin Malik not Malik bin Anas anyway, I got confused too at first.

    Nas, I thought about all of that thats why I’m shocked at how evil we-human beings-can be.

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