Badran Government To Resign? Awadallah Next PM?

According to a report by Elaph, through a source, the Badran government will have an emergancy session on Sunday where they will hand in their resignations allowing the King to form a new government. (For those of you keeping score the Badran government will have lasted 7 months and 7 days; that’s the record to beat people) It seems (according to these sources) Basem Awadallah will be the next Prime Minister, a graduate of Georgetown University and the London School of Economics. Although don’t count Khaled Toukan out yet. In conclusion, with the bombings in Amman, the recently formed senate, changes in the security forces and royal courts, a government resigning and a new one to be formed…I’d say the King has a pretty full plate in the next few days. [article]


  • Well Khalid Tuqan is an MIT graduate, MIT beats Georgetown 😀

    Toqan will be more accepted than Awadallah, and public acceptance is really important.

  • Awadallah is less popular. He was criticized for his performance in the previous government. I honestly don’t know the details of that. On the other hand there’s no reason for Toqan to be rejected, he’s young , well-educated and well-experienced.

    I wonder why are those 2 names the only ones suggested??

  • hareega, an educated guess would be the king’s statement of his desire for new blood in the government when it comes to economic reform. Touqan and Awadallah are the youngest most educated.

    as for Awadallah, in the jordanian government its hard to get along with people much older than you and in most cases half as smart.

  • I truly hope that that day never comes, and if it does, then i truly wish that Jordanian take it as a wake-up call and figure out a way to unite against those who are working in the name of Jordan and its people but they are truly working for their own personal benefits.
    From a country that once had Wasfi and Hazza3, to a country where they suggest a thief such as Awadallah to be our great nation’s prime minister, what a shame !!!

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