Qur’an Thrown in Trash By British Police

Police investigate claim that officer threw Qur’an into rubbish bin

· Chauffeur says he was insulted and manhandled
· Met says it is taking inquiry ‘very seriously’

Vikram Dodd
Monday November 7, 2005
The Guardian

An investigation is under way into claims by a British Muslim man that a police officer desecrated his Qur’an by throwing it into a rubbish bin while arresting him, the Guardian has learned.

The incident is alleged to have happened last Monday in south London and the man also alleges he was assaulted while being detained at his home.

Muslims believe a copy of the Qur’an is sacred and must be treated with respect at all times. Throwing it in a bin could be viewed as a grave insult amounting to desecration.

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  • When Muslims are so weak and disunited, their enemies transgress their rights and desecrate their Book. If real men are present Britain that man will pay dearly for his action. As our beloved prophet SAAW said ” the fear from us will be out of the chests of our enemies when we reach to the point of being like the foam of the creak because we we love life and hate death” or as he said. Almu3tasim sent an army so big for a Muslim woman asking for help for being insulted by a Roman, now the Book of Allah is insulted with no even responses on this page on that news article

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