Haifa Wahbi Teaches Agriculture at AUB

Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi had received a special invitation to be guest at the American University in Beirut from Dr. Rami Zariq, who teaches at the department of agricultural and nutritional science. Dr. Rami had requested Haifa to be present during one of his lectures to talk about her experience on the reality television program â??Al Wadiâ? (The Ranch).

Haifa talked about different techniques of farming and answered numerous questions students had. the singer also went on tour around campus and met with different faculty members and took pictures with students. [article]

I’m guessing this is one lecture that all the students attended, and then some.

In other news…

A rumor about the presence of Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram at one of the shopping center in downtown Amman Jordan created chaos causing storeowners to seek police assistance to keep people away.

The incident occurred during the Muslim holiday Eid El Fitr and people had gathered like the speed of lightening to the spot where Nancy was supposedly present.

according to the UAE based daily, Al Bayan, what had added to the rumor was the existence of posters on every street corner for a concert the singer is to have in Amman. Once the police arrived at the scene of chaos, they immediately closed all doors leading to the shopping cent forbidding everyone from entering until the matter was cleared.

The big surprise came when police were able to control the situation the person said to have been Nancy was in fact a young lady who resembles her in a way that you could not tell the two apart. [article]


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