• That is really sad!
    On a very unrelated issue….most Gulf countries scored big after the oil price hike 😉 I mean they got now so much money, they don’t know where to go with it….maybe buying a Zoo or a football team in England…u know something civilized and classy.

  • Kinzi, there’s been a significant amount of donations so I guess it depends on what country you’re talking about. The problem however is the need for helicopters to reach the hardest hit areas which are mountainous.

  • The Kingdom has sent a 12-strong search and rescue team, two planes laden with food and medical supplies, as well as a fully equipped field hospital to the quake-affected area.

    Jordanian officials reported from Islamabad yesterday that the field hospital, set up in Rawalkot northeast of Islamabad, had started offering medical services, while the Jordanian rescue team was carrying out its mission in Balakot city, 80 per cent of which was destroyed in the quake. When search and rescue efforts end in Balakot, the rescue team will join the field hospital staff, the officials said.

    Meanwhile, Royal Jordanian announced on Saturday that its cargo planes would transport relief supplies to earthquake victims in Pakistan starting on Monday.

    RJ President and Chief Executive Officer Samer Majali said the Airbus-310 cargo planes would make four consecutive flights at the rate of one a day carrying food and medical supplies.

    Each aircraft would carry 28 tonnes of relief supplies to Islamabad, Majali said, adding that the flights will be coordinated with the United Nations. [jordan times]

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