Ramadan & The Kashmir Quake

People in our side of the world (Jordan) have a tendency to reduce events such as earthquakes and tsunamis to a religious context. We tend to invest a lot of time into comprehending why God has chosen to do this or that. As a result we also tend to forget the essentials of such events and hence the resons for the problem become more important than the solutions.

If you’re not religious, skip the next paragraph. Meanwhile here’s some simple math for the religious of us.

In the past year there have been earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricannes. Why? No one will ever know and your chances of figuring it out are as likely as understanding the full dimensions of quantam physics by staring at the stars.

So lets get over it and move on to solutions. In the spirit of Ramadan and the charitable nature that comes along with it. Help out by donating.



Your Two Piasters: