Jordan National Museum 2007

Construction work on the three-storey, 10,000-square- metre museum, located in the heart of Amman in Ras El Ain, began earlier this year, with plans to open its doors to the public by mid-2007.

Exhibits within the main exhibition halls will span the country’s history from the Great Arab Revolt to modern day Jordan and will take visitors on an exciting journey through the many historical civilisations that inhabited this land.


Only 5 weeks ago I was having a discussion with some friends about the lack of a national museum in Jordan. One of them suggested that it can aggregate all the relics around the country into one location. My arguement (simply because I felt like arguing at the time) was that unlike other countries Jordan was inhabited by many civilizations and therefore we have hundreds of sites scattered all over the country that represent a diverse nature. Everytime they decide to build a mall they discover a castle from a certain time and a certain people. So in all the major locations such as kerak, petra, jerash, um qais and amman, they have localized museums that hold the relics for that particular region. I thought it was a cheaper and more effecient idea to implement this because for one you can have a museuem with all the nabatean relics at petra and a museum with all the roman relics at jerash, and so forth. When tourists travel to a certain site they expect to see a place that holds the relative and respective history of that site.

However a National Museum (as I failed to see at the time) serves a higher purpose in creating a national cultural landmark which embodies the spirit of the modern Jordanian society along with it’s ancient civilizations and history. It’s also nice to have a place where school children can actually be put on a bus and taken to on a school trip for once. When it comes to anything cultural sometimes I can’t help but think of the tourists first and I end up forgetting about the citizens who need a place like this to preserve their culture and to pass it on to the next generation of Jordanians whose sense of history is begining to vanish with the bombardment of western culture.


  • I read the news and I am contemplating posting the pictures I took over the summer of the miserable condition the National Museum in Jabala Al Qala’a is in.

    In any case, this is good news; much better than building a water park in a country that lacks drinking water

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  • The step of having a national museum is greta one, the goverment is working on it by a donation from japan. and hopefully it will be ready mid of this year.

    but the surprising and chocking issue, is having and appointing by a BIG WASTA a corrupted man, who was kicked out of one of the biggest jordanian Toback companies in Jordan, because of corruption. stealing money and bad managment. who a swell faile dto manage his own private company that he established after being cicked out!!! so and cause of teh PHD he has he was recruted by the UN (UNIDO IRAQ) in Jordan. UNDO IRAQ which is very needed to have 4 Iraqis was closed in Amman because of teh director. DR Faris Nimry, cause it was a lot of expensess and spending just 4 his pleasure with no work . they di dnot made any profit and non opf teh projects were don . on the contrary UNIDO JORDAN did a greta job!!!

    The mercedes Car he got is always runing between Bacloriate Int . School , Dunes Club , restuarnat . Bars and Supermarket all day and night this is teh first govermental money abuse he started with…

    is thi sthe slogan of teh right man for the right position, or we still love theifs in Jordan and always award them with high positions?

    any Jordanian will feel down when he or she know sthe Dr. faris Nimry is teh new director for our museum that we waited so long to have.

  • Hello, After i read what Mr. Tareq wrote, i did some research in regard, on the net it i spublished that Dr. Faris Nimry was owner and managning Directer of Boss IT , if any body reads the compnay’s profile, you will realize that Dr. Nimry rely on WASTA, as mentioned there!!! when the American advisor that was sent by teh USAID discussing some related issues, and that was wrote by teh company.
    on teh other hand it shows how Dr. Nimry used his personal conections in ASEZA to close a deal with them!!!!!

    as well shamely mentioen dthat his partner is from an influencial joranian familyu and one of his relatives is a Minster and a previous Diplomat with unusual CV!!! ( Dr. MArwan Mouasher) is that how things go in Jordan , is that what his majesty calling ro fight? what sick mind Dr. Nimry has!!

    and teh funniest that when i asked about Boss it , i relazied that it was closed as it did not do any sucess, and th emanaging Director joined UNIDO IRAQ in Jordan, which it was closed as well after a few months. seems its teh destiny to any organization that he chaired or manged such as teh Tobaco company that he was fired from because of corruption.

    Hope that this will not be teh sad end for teh Museum, and i do request His ROyal Majesty the King to make a favour for our beloved Jordan and cick him off. and those whoi supported him to get there by teh WASTA.


  • Ooops, i 4got to say that the same happened to hi sIRIS DEVELOPMENT COMPANY…… where is it ???? it has no offices, as its a company managed from home, he belives in new methods of business, ) so send me all clue and i will sen du a detaild offer) is he still allowed to do business? or……!

    am schocked , WHERE IS TEH GOVERNMENT !??!?!?!?!?!?!!!??!

  • So True Lana, Ya Khsara ….

    just try to google hi sname and u will find hi sBOSSIT closed co,. an dteh Union Tobacao , wonder if teh Cov or teh Board of Trusstes asked any of the Union Tobaco BOD members wbout him amd why he was out ????

    do u know why ? guess , same why UNIDO IRAQ CLOSED their cluster in order to get rid of him , while UNIDO JORDAN doing very well..

    THIS IS TEH LIFE where we can see such like DR> FARIS NIMRY is such position..

    Ya3ish Al Corruption

  • Do any of you actually know Faris Nimry? I do, I work with him at the National Museum (Jordan Museum), and I have seen how he resurrected a project that was dying. Ask anybody who works with him at the museum now, and they will tell you that we are very lucky to have him as director. he really cares, for the museum and for the people.

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    80% i say that both of u r the same person..

    best regards

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