Black Iris Radio

black iris radio

I’ve launched my own radio on the sidebar by using, a pretty neat application. Anytime I talk about a song it will probably be up there to listen to. Anything on the playlist is probably what I’m listening to that week.

To Check Out:

Institute is Gavin Rossdale’s, former Bush* frontman, new rock band. Ambulances is a great mellowed out song off the debut album.

is a UK band that mixes Switchfoot’s Christian rock with some British indie. Further is a cool song, kind of reminds me of The Cure’s “Pictures of You” for some reason. Though props go out to the band for writing the verse of the month:

And the same when autumn comes
Cold Air I breathe in my lungs
Something’s new but nothing’s changed
Familiar feelings just the same

Our Lady Peace is out with a new album, Healthy in Paranoid Times, but I’ve chosen to go back in time and revisit an old hit: Clumsy.

Death Cab For Cutie has the alternative sound of The Postal Service, even the lyrics sound something the latter band would write…confusing, but never mind. Check out Title & Registration.

Another great “classic” (if you consider 1999 to be classic) song to listen to is Call & Answer by the Barenaked Ladies.

Last but not least, as I always listen to this album in the autumn, I’ve put up Counting Crows’ Anna Begins from the very first album, August & Everything After.



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