My Aqaba Trip

I can’t believe a week has gone by already since I left Aqaba. Feels like yesterday. I hadn’t seen it for about 3 years and truth be told I had no idea it was Aqaba until I saw two things: a Jordanian flag and a picture of His Majesty’s family. It has changed so much.

For one thing the Intercon has changed the landscape of hotels in the area by a major landslide. It redefines 5 star hotels and 5 star service. For instance, even the maintenance man or the guy who changes the chlorine in the pool can speak near-to-perfect English, which I found strange to say the least. I mean 5 star hotels in Toronto all have Arabs working for them and most of’em can hardly speak English.

There are cranes all over the place building new hotels, the Kempenski is being built right next to the Intercon. There’s also one being built in the Dead Sea beside the Movenpick. The government is really going the whole nine yards with the Aqaba project. While alot of the land has been sold to private industries (such as hotels) there are still public beaches all though they are incredibly dirty by its visitors. Ironically, there are garbage cans every few meters all around town which is something they should do in Amman although it’s too big.

The Aqaba Gateway is a nice little tourist destination just a few blocks from the Intercon. Filled with restaurants and little shops including a Rover’s Return with a panaromanic view of the sea. There’s also a small old boat, like a pirate ship, that’s inside the water area. I took a few pictures at night but I like the one I posted the best because it looks like both the boat and the water are on fire. I also liked the idea of the street in the middle of town which reminds me of the Cultural street in Shmisani. It’s complete with a waterfall and is packed at night with locals like the 2nd circle on a thursday night.

Regardless of the attacks a few weeks back, Aqaba is as it was, as if nothing happened. The hotels are packed mostly with European tourists.

I wanted to see Tala Bay and the site of the American University in Jordan (AUJ), but it was a little out of the way. Every taxi in Aqaba costs half a JD regardless of distance but runs on meter outside the borders of the city. At the time I found it a bit pricy to have to pay to get to these places but now, here in Toronto, my hindsight is 20/20.

Anyways, it was just a weekend and it was about having fun with friends one last time before I go, with the probability that I may not return for some time again.

Aqaba AnchorAqaba Gateway

Main RoadCranes of the Kempenski

Intercon AqabaIntercon Aqaba

Intercon AqabaIntercon Aqaba

Arab Revolt FlagIntercon Aqaba


  • Nice pictures and nice desriptive words about Aqaba. I have never been there although I’ve always wanted to go there, it just never happened.

    Hey nasnas, Is that you up in the air with your arms and leggs stretched out while you were trying to jump into the pool? If so I would have never thought that you looked like that, the image that I had of you is : shall I say ” a nerdy one” but you don’t look like a nerd at all. I’m just teasing you, I have not teased you for a while, so there you have it.Best regards.

  • I loved the anchor pic… and the intercon looks pretty cool, although i was hoping you’d show a picture with a full view of the facade from outside!

    Anyways, I know this one’s late bs mabrook al bait el jdeed for your blog πŸ˜‰
    and another one that’s wayyyy late; I loved the article in JO, brilliant job!!

  • Hatem, nope that would be my friend zaid so I’ll pass on the compliment πŸ˜€

    Lina, go to the flikr thingy where these pics are posted and there are (i think) 2 pictures of the front and back of the hotel.

    SC, you should go. thanks!

  • Hey Nasnas!

    Hamdella al salameh! Glad you enjoyed your trip to Jordan.

    I visited Aqabeh for the first time this summer, it’s indeed a very beautiful small city. It reminded me of Halifax, small and quiet. The beach is very fine and beautiful. Loved the sea too, its crystal clear where you can see a dazzling underwater world of corals, colored fish and other marine life! If I to live in Jordan, Aqabeh is the only city for me!

    Thanks for sharing the pictures, very powerful!

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