Live From Amman


Ok, I lied, it’s not Saturday yet, it’s Friday. I had a great trip. Very tiring and Amsterdam is one town I slept right through. The high point was arriving in Amman at night and watching the city lights flicker, competing with the moonlight.

Stepping out of the airport I breathed fresh air which felt like a new experience. I had forgotten the air. That should’ve been first on my list. If you ever come to Amman in the spring at night, breathe. Remember.

This morning I did keep my promise to pray the Friday prayer.

“Class” is the word of the day. I hate the fact that planes have classes. This totally sucks. I hate that while you struggle to board early and wait in line, people of class are asked to come to the front to board first. So the crowds at the boarding gate must part like the red sea to allow the elitists in first. Then there’s business class and finally the rest of us; the slaves to the economy class. Then they close that cursed curtain but leave just enough peeking space for us to see them serving muffins, orange juice in wine glasses, cookies etc. Then someone finally comes over and shuts it close and gives you that look that says if you had worked harder in your life…you could be here.

There is the argument that anyone can achieve this service by simply paying so more or less it’s open to anyone. Though in my opinion planes should be class-less. If you want first class, then they should put them on a special plane. Putting them on a plane is much better solution than a small curtain.

Where my parents live you have the wealthiest people in Jordan and their homes being built by laborers. So today at the nearby mosque you had the wealthiest and the poorest praying side by side and I had not seen this for a long time. Perhaps I had but I didn’t appreciate it as much as I did right then. Everyone stepping through the door left all sense of their class at the door and simply lined up side by side and shook each other’s hand. Both the guards and the guarded. I’ve never seen that anywhere else except Mecca where it was on a largescale and included not only no classes but also no race lines.

In Canada its a matter of the middle class simply being the majority. But here all classes clash, all classes collide in the same crucible

That being said, the summer has begun and hopefully it will be a long one. Hopefully I will remember to breathe.

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