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Man kills sister over mobile phone photo

AMMAN â?? A 27-year-old man reportedly shot and killed his older divorced sister late Sunday night after seeing her photo on his friend’s mobile phone, official sources said.

The 31-year-old victim was shot twice in the head at her family’s home in Irbid, allegedly by her brother, who turned himself in to police shortly after the incident, one official source said.

â??The man told police he shot and killed his sister to cleanse his family’s honour because he saw her photo on his friend’s mobile,â? the source told The Jordan Times.

The suspect told interrogators he was sitting with his friends on Sunday evening and started playing with one of their mobiles when he saw his sibling’s photo, the source said.

The suspect left immediately and headed home. He reproached his sister about the photo and her alleged â??immoral behaviour,â? according to the source.

â??The suspect then drew a gun and shot his sister twice in the head killing her instantaneously,â? the source added.

The suspect also told interrogators that his sibling, a mother of one child who was divorced at the beginning of the year, â??was going out frequently and was involved in relationships,â? the source said.

An autopsy was performed on the victim at the Irbid National Institute of Forensic Medicine and blood and tissue samples were sent to the criminal lab for further analysis.

The victim became the fifth person reportedly murdered in the Kingdom in so-called honour crime since the beginning of the year [source]

For me, the only thing worse than cell phones are honor crimes. This story would’ve seemed irregular several years ago, but today I feel it’s normal; as normal as normal can be these days. The cell phones of Jordanians are a vault of pornography, and now with camera phones, things will get alot worse before they get alot better. I expect to hear another story along these lines fairly soon.

Whenever I read about honor crimes the first questions that form in my mind are: how do they have the bravado to actually pull that trigger so liberally? What goes through their mind when the first bullet leaves the chamber? What goes through their mind when the second, third, fourth and tenth bullet leaves the chamber? Does that moment feel like a second or does it stretch out like an eternity? And after cleansing their family’s honor, what is the first emotion that they experience when the internecine carnage of their now personified wrath is stretched out before them in a bloody mess that was their sister? Is it pride or is it regret? Is it justice or is it sorrow? And as they so calmly walk to the police station to declare to the world what they’ve just done in a “just-to-let-you-know” fashion: do they hold their heads high as the adrenaline pumps rapidly through their veins or are they suddenly weighed down by a collage of snapshot memories all playing in reverse, from the time they saw their sister to the time they shot her in the head.

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