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Jordan’s tourism revenues reach $1 billion

sunburst graphic(upi News) AMMAN, Jordan: Jordan’s revenues from tourism reached $1 billion in 2004, a 4.5 percent increase from the year before, Tourism Minister Alia

Boran said Wednesday.
“This is a positive indicator, and we expect a better income in the future, following several years of stagnation due to difficult political and security conditions in the region,” Boran said.

Revenues from tourism in the first quarter of 2005 increased by 14 percent compared to the previous year, the minister said. “This is a good indicator about the tourist activity we should expect till the end of 2005,” she said.

According to official figures, an estimated 1.5 million tourists, mostly from Arab and Gulf countries, visited Jordan last year. [source]

I’m wondering what Jordan will experience this year with the Lebanese-Syrian friction lately? Will we have more Lebanese tourists in the region? Will there be more arabic music blasting from red sport cars as they infintly circle abdoun circle honking at all the pretty girls? God knows. I’m not looking forward to the traffic though, but WELCHUM TO JORDAN anyways!

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