Walk in the Park

An interesting thing today. As part of a 4th year university course on Public Policy and Canadian Politics in a North American context, I had to prepare over the course of the year a long public policy project. Being the idiot I am, I could not go with something simple, or something everyone else was doing, or something I could easily find access to information to…no…I have to be “different”. I chose Internet Regulation, which while down south it was a hot issue a few years ago with Napster and the music industry, it’s just infecting the great white north.

My work did pay off however as I was one of 4 students chosen to submit their public policy projects to the Ontario Government at Queen’s Park in Toronto. So today I went downtown and did exactly that. I can safely say I would have rather been watching TV. Well what happens now is that they will eventually choose a project to be the basis of a new public policy venture in Ontario and according to my Prof. if we’re lucky we get to “get in on this”, whatever that means. Perhaps be able to provide input on a scholarly level? Perhaps a pat on the back?

Well all I’m hoping for is that this compensates for my less than enthusiastic participation mark this term.

Anyways, felt like sharing my day with complete strangers for some reason.

Though it was a beautiful day and I managed to take some pictures. Sorry, “no photography inside government buildings”. (especially if you have a beard and are deliberately speaking out loud in Arabic)

Bought two books while downtown, Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner, as well as a GMAT book; a test who according to anyone who’s ever heard I was planning on taking it (including the Cashier at the book store I bought it from), is sooo hard that “dude, you are so gonna fail the first time”.

Note to self: Improve personal support system and ask dad to stop using the word “dude” as it is freaking you out.
Word of the day: Hipatitis (n): Terminal coolness.

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