The Darkness & The Galaxy

Connnecting with the darkness falling
falling like a star that’s calling
all the answers appear misleading
and I alone must choose

Everything i know of me
is reflections of what i tend to see
but mirrors play it in reverse
mirrors lie and I immersed
in silent mellow rhapsody
a palpitating elegy
for everything i know of me
plays out in reverse

And in this inverted galaxy
move the tides, rewind the sea
it brings about the worst of me
but I alone must choose

So all the scars that mark my right
are really left, in black, in white?
perhaps shades of gray in halo light
so lines of poems I recite
lines on such a mellow night
“i wish i may, i wish i might”
wish upon this star tonight
in hopes I may discover me
reflections are what i tend to see…

Connecting with the darkness fading
fading like a star invading,
these mirrored skies appear misleading

Your Two Piasters: