Peek-A-Boo Rafah


sunburst graphicAn update on another story I’m following concerning a checkpoint in Rafah which scans Palestinians with an x-ray machine emitting dangerous radiations, the following from Electronic Intifada shows that Israel is now restricting the use of the machine to “certain individuals” thanks to the efforts of the Palestinian Center for Human Rights media campaign. This is an admission on Israel’s part that the machine is dangerous not to mention a tactic of humiliation as it photopgrahs all Palestinian’s naked.

The following is an excrept of the article:

Further concern has been raised at the fact that the IOF appear to be using this machine in the newly constructed tunnels complex at the Erez Checkpoint into Israel. Palestinian workers are now being forced to undergo an even more extensive policy of humiliation and duress in order to pass through for the possibility of working in Israel.

At the same time international humanitarian staff walking through Erez have been shielded from this sight as a result of the completion of a new secondary tunnel at the Erez Checkpoint. This is part of a policy of hiding the truth of what is happening to Palestinian civilians from the international community. This policy also includes heavy restrictions on international organisations trying to operate in the OPT as well as extensively documented attacks against the media. Such attacks are designed to persecute the media and to deter them from covering the human rights� violations of the IOF. [more]

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