A Caterpillar Free Zone?

EIIn continuation of the “Caterrorpillar Chronicles”, there has been a motion put forward by the Ireland Palestinian Solidarity campaign to Limerick city councilors, to declare Limerick city the world’s first ‘Caterpiller-Free Zone’ by officially banning the use of all Caterpillar plant and machinery on Council worksites from January 1st 2006. The motion is also supported by the parents of Rachel Corrie, an American activist who died in Palestine when she was crushed by a bulldozer while attempting to save a home from being demolished.

The following is an extract of an EI article:

Irish Limerick City might soon become world’s first Caterpillar Free Zone
Report, IPSC, 6 April 2005

Caterpillar has so far ignored all calls to cease these sales to Israel. Amnesty International has called on Caterpillar to take measures to guarantee that its bulldozers are not used to commit human rights violations.

On April 13th Caterpillar shareholders meet in Chicago and will discuss a resolution on the sale of bulldozers to Israel. As long as it continues to profit from sales to Israel, Caterpillar will do so. However, if shareholders sense that the continuation of this trade damages the company’s image and sales internationally, the policy would have to be reconsidered.

Limerick City has the opportunity to be the first city in the world to declare itself a Caterpillar Free Zone thereby sending a resounding message to Caterpillar shareholders. This Limerick initiative, if adopted by the City Council, will be applauded internationally and many other cities will replicate this stance, endorsing the supremacy of human rights over corporate opportunism. [more]

So once again this calls for an Action Alert. Here are the verbs of the day…

1. Trackback & spread it through the blogosphere
2. Write an email write to the Mayor and the other city councilors asking them to support this motion: Michael Hourigan, mayor of Limerick City, Email: michael.hourigan@council.limerickcity.ie | Contact: Limerick City Councillers

Keep in mind folks, there’s only a week until the shareholder’s meet in Chicago. But also keep in mind you may be helping to save a life here by donating 5 minutes of clicking and/or typing time. You will also burn 10 calories in the process.

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