The Midnight Oil Massacres

This was a scene from last night’s study massacre while I burnt the midnight oil. My father is staying with me for a few weeks and so I keep him company during the day and when he goes to sleep at around 10pm or so, I start to study till 4 or 5am. I then wake up at 9:30am or 10am so I can keep him company again (you do the math). He says I over sleep. I discovered the difference between my mother and father is that the latter will be as silent as possible not to disturb me (as there are no “real” rooms in my flat) while the former will go out of her way to make as much noise and get me up. And when I do she complaines I sleep too much. I do explain of course that I tend to study at night but my arguments are futile. I should sleep early and wake early. I am a night owl, I concentrate the most at night. Like Da Vinci. I work best at night, and better under pressure.

Anyways, not only do I “over sleep” but also, I am messy. My father is constantly amazed that I find order in so much chaos. I’m a Gemini, what can I say, I was wired this way. A cluttered desk for a cluttered mind. As long as no one touches anything I automatically know where everything is. Most gemenis I’ve spoken to suffer from the same condition.

After I decided to go to sleep last night I took some pictures so I can later look at them and see just how cluttered my work area must look like from a bird’s eye view. It may also serve as a memento of my senior year. Or evidence for a crime scene.

7 hours of reading Machiavelli and European Union economic regulations while listening to the album “Invitation” by a band from the UK called Thirteen Senses. Never heard of them till last week. Lyrics are very chris-martin-ish. My mp3 player is working overtime, and my ears hurt from the hard plastic of headphones.

Song to Check out: “Into The Fire

Lyrics to Reflect on: ‘Come on come on, put your hands into the fire

Explain explain, as I turn and meet the power’

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