My Greed List

I’ve never played the lottery and never will, but I was listening to Barenaked Ladies on the radio today sing “If I had a Million Dollars” and started thinking to myself (out of boredom) what I would do with that money. At the same time I remembered the Wishlists people have set up on blogs.

Usually when people make these mental lists you get things like “Charity”, “Cure Aids” and “Solve the Middle East conflict”. So for once I thought, let’s be greedy. Let’s be as materialistic as humanly possible.

I thought: free yourself from spending on charity, your parents, your siblings and relatives. Forget about the poor and the hungry and the dying for just one moment. Be as creative and unrealistic as possible. Play golf on the moon, buy a room full of candy and swim in it, or buy a nuclear weapon and hold a relativly small nation hostage…all those things we’ve all wanted to do or have but could never afford to.

p.s. if you’re already a millionaire then think about giving some money to charity man, seriously, people are dying.

My Greed List:

1- A Martin OM-28 John Mayer Limited Edition…it’s a guitar, nuff said
2- Buy the Hashem restaurant….because i love the place
3- A Segway…because I refuse to walk anymore
4- An MiG-25 trip to the edge of space…just to experience weightlessness
5- Most expensive suite at Burj Al-Arab Hotel…u know how people always steal towels..?
6- Buy 24hrs of FOX News air time, air nothing but old egyptian movies…commercial free
7- Buy Pizza joint that delivers to George Bush…he’ll never guess the special topping
8- Buy the NHL, bring back hockey…to gaurentee an ‘A’ from all my professors
9- LOTR Sword of Anduril….why not?
10- A house with the nicest view of Amman that money can buy
11- Spend a year or two just traveling around the world non-stop
12- Buy a ticket to Jordan, for every weekend for one whole year
13- The biggest home theater out there…so I can watch Star Wars the way it was meant to be
14- Buy Chili House and Chili Ways…reunion…with chilli cheese
15- Re-open the Philidelphia Cinema
16- 50th Anniversary SRV Strat…another guitar, sue me

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