The Romans Are Coming!

Romans are back in JerashJerash to experience Roman army, chariot performances in aim to attract tourists.

Amman -Life will return again to the ancient city of Jerash through the monumental hippodrome which used to witness various activities during the first and second centuries AD.

Jordanian investor Fawwaz Zu’bi, who established a company to revive activities at this site, signed an agreement with the Tourism Ministry allowing him to use the site for ten years.

The company started to train a group from the city of Jerash with a view to hold daily Roman sports activities.

Trainer of the group said that performances inside the Hippodrome will start as of May 9.

These activities will include chariot races which was the most favoured sports for the Romans.

A stable of up to twenty horses with chariots, harnesses and colorful costumes with sound effects, commentary and lightening will give the visitor a thrilling glimpse of the spectacle as experienced by the citizen of Roman Gerasa nearly two thousand years ago.

These activities will be a live event that has so far only been the subject of epic films [middle east online]

RACE – The Roman Army & Chariot Experience

I heard about this exactly one year ago if not earlier and thought it merely to be a product of the rumor mill. Though it turns out to be a “coming soon to a jeresh near you” reality. I think this is one of the coolest ideas ever. Jerash is probably the second greatest historical attraction in Jordan and one of the most well-preserved roman cities in the world. It’s great to have a major tourist catching attraction, it resonates well in that area.Hopefully it will surpass the ten contract years and become a fixture like the Jerash Festival.

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