Sad Fiction

Love is blind
faith is blind
we walk
with our eyes closed
with the shutters
in our homes shut tight
light desperately leaking in
God despertly sneaking in
and the one eyed man we call king
utters fabrications in place of truths
in the night
flooding our minds with dreams
so that it seems
that our real lives
are stranger than fiction
and i realise
through such eyes
these reflections
are not real

but didn’t I say?
love is blind?
faith is blind?
do you not know
the highest waterfall
takes more than just one leap?
even the faithless have faith
in the fact that they are faithless

these tired angels
can hardly carry their wings
how they must shake their heads
shake the world
with silent wrecking balls
we are
broken records
broken records
broken records
we are rusted forks
pretending to cup the stars
like silver spoons
while the galaxy
slips through like water
painting the walls
of our self made prisons
does not make us free
no more than
opening our eyes
can ever make us
i mean
isn’t that such sad fiction?
a mockery of such creation?
but didn’t I say?
love is blind
faith is blind
these tired angels
remind me
this is all just
borrowed time

Your Two Piasters: