Breaking Gibraltar

dusk is a ghost
night turning to day
i am crazed
i am jaded
i’ve been fading away

the moon is so low
it falls from the sky
Gibraltar represses
she turns and she sighs

barefoot in grass
only dew to caress
the liliacs are quiet
to the clouds i confess:

teach me to read this illterate night
teach me tounges of amore
in the blinding light

write me the lyrics
in the caravan clouds
circadean rhythm
of the maddening crowds

I am a victim of circumstance
of flower strewn prose
and the poets will dance
in the name of the rose

the world is archaic
shawllow and deep
the blackbirds are sad
and lover’s will weep

for dusk is a ghost
the night circles away
i am the undertow
the sparkle jet spray

but I am too tired to pray

Your Two Piasters: