From Such Great Heights

All my heroes
are paper thin
like porcelain faith
beneath my skin
my courage ends
where I begin
like a memory
that’s never been

Ash gray reflections
in October skies
midnight rain
in mourning eyes
and on such a day
the summer dies
come what may
surprise! surprise!

The dawn is jaded
hazy moon
the fork that jumped the silver spoon
and I await the afternoon
a burgundy and suede maroon

And as the darkness craves the light
I am faithless in the night
When candy eyes turn electric white
We overlook from such great heights

Daylight creeping
the horizon breaks
with half a world sleeping
the other half awakes

Cars start
school bells ring
daylight crawls
like a silent spring
the sky is vacant
no airplane trails
the sky is vacant
from the small details

Your Two Piasters: