Cellophane Dreams (Insomnia)

my an·no·tat·ed history
burns on the hempisphere
hazelnut coffecups
and turkish delights
on bedside manners
lay bookmarked pages of unfinished seasons
listen to water drip from a faucet
a murmur of voices
novicaine hearts
counting birthdays in dog years
deliver my deamons
deliver my art
I am Di Vinci
You are Descarte

cut across this horizon
spell out the sky in newsprint blurs
all the ashtrays and city lights
gravity flows through telephone wires
the forecast is breathing
sugarcane winds and gasoline fires
mountains will yawn; people will sigh
this desert sky
oh this desert is dry

i want to be
where the land touches the sea
with the sea as my floor
the world spread out before me
wrapped in a bubble

4 am cellophane
i suffer in dreams
i am lucid awake
i am never asleep
but i dream anyway
my days are coloured
in flat caffeine gray
the story of my life
ONE headache away
plays on the ceiling
all in e-s-r-e-v-e-r reverse
the air is distraught
with maddness and $ong

close my eyes

start to breathe

the noise recedes

oh the noise recedes

traffic is rising

this daily crusade

is my Dionysus



to this



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