The Cautious Optimist ’s Guide To Parliamentary Elections Jordan's Biggest Show Returns, But Trust Issues Remain

 Words: Naseem Tarawnah | Visual: Dimitri Zarzar Whenever parliamentary election season arrives, it always feels like the circus has come to town. On the ground, the big tops go up and constituents fill the election tents to hear fiery speeches, enjoy the free catering, and show their underwhelming support for the candidate they’ve already decided […]

Jordanian Politics

When The Speaker Of The House Is Humiliated

“The Lower House on Sunday could not complete its agenda for the meeting amid MP’s outrage over the government’s attempts to disgrace the legislative authority by disrespecting its speaker, Atef Tarawneh, at the opening of the Jerash festival… …Tarawneh said he felt humiliated when a staff member of the festival’s administration asked him to leave his […]


On Jordan’s Tribal Myth

Who would’ve thought it, but after MP Mustafah Hamarneh gave a talk on tribes and was criticized for it by MP Adbul Kareem Dughmi in parliament, a heated debate on the role of tribes has finally found some place in the public sphere. Hamarneh claimed he was not insulting Jordanian tribes when he said that […]