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“The Lower House on Sunday could not complete its agenda for the meeting amid MP’s outrage over the government’s attempts to disgrace the legislative authority by disrespecting its speaker, Atef Tarawneh, at the opening of the Jerash festival… …Tarawneh said he felt humiliated when a staff member of the festival’s administration asked him to leave his […]

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Who would’ve thought it, but after MP Mustafah Hamarneh gave a talk on tribes and was criticized for it by MP Adbul Kareem Dughmi in parliament, a heated debate on the role of tribes has finally found some place in the public sphere. Hamarneh claimed he was not insulting Jordanian tribes when he said that […]

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While reading David Remnick’s illuminating profile of US President Obama in The New Yorker, I couldn’t help but be reminded of Jeffrey Goldberg’s profile of HM King Abdullah in The Atlantic some ten months ago now. Both pieces had a likeness that resonated with me, but it was difficult mentally placing what it was. It […]

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