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Pronunciation: [ræt.É™.ˈtu.i] Rat-a-too-ee In the midst of all the expected and awaited summer blockbuster, one movie which did make it to number one last week but might go unnoticed by the adult crowd is Disney’s Ratatouille. The animated story of a rat, Remy, who can cook and a young man, Linguini, who can’t, but together […]

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Throughout my online-virtual life, which I think became fully aware of itself in 2002, I have been a member of online Jordanian discussion forums (such as Mahjoob dot com) as well as Facebook groups more recently. Both such arenas of mass discussion have a high joining rate and a high turnover rate. I used to […]

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Ventolin Inhaler Order Online

Alternatively titled: ‘The Search For Weekend Vital Signs’ and/or ‘An Ode To Fridays’ All over the world, weekends are usually divided between one day that is a go-out-and-do-weekend-stuff kind of day, and a sleep-in-and-dont-go-outside-all-day kind of day. But Fridays in Jordan can be so dead that it’s a kind of strange sensation. In fact, I […]

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