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“For those who want additional reforms or want to develop the Elections Law, they can work from under the Dome of Parliament and through the ballot boxes, which are the true representative of the will of the people.”– HM King Abdullah in a speech on Tuesday 23rd, 2012. The King’s speech was quite interesting, and […]

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Q: If you look five years down the line, do you see yourself relinquishing some power to the parliament? “Probably sooner. We haven’t shut any doors on relinquishing power. My mission is as quickly as possible to get Jordan to have a prime minister elected from a political party…We need to create new political parties […]

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“I asked them if they could find any government in the world that likes the things I say.” – Noam Chomsky on being denied entry in to the West Bank by Israeli authorities, informing him that the did not like the things he said about their government. Chomsky was questioned for several hours before being […]

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“The political trust is gone….Economically, we were better off in trade and in movement before my father signed the peace treaty” – King Abdullah on relations between Israel and Jordan. In a The Wall Street Journal interview, King Abdullah offered a rebuke of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, charging that his policy of building homes […]

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The following are a series of interesting quotes from US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s speech on global Internet freedom. In light of what’s been happening in Jordan recently over initial moves by the government to regulate the Internet, and in the process censor free speech, I thought the following excerpts were of some relevance […]

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