Breakfast In Amman, With Mahathir Mohamad Lessons From The Malaysian Experience

It’s a clear-skied Friday morning in September, and the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad, walks into an eco-café on the tip of Jabal Amman. Surrounded by security, he’s escorted on to the outdoor terrace overlooking the temple of Hercules, the Citadel and an Umayyad Palace – overlooking a city’s ancient past, centuries in […]

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How To Support Amman’s First Community Built Skatepark

Over the years, the skateboarding culture in Amman has grown bit by bit. Seeing young Jordanians careening through Thaqafa st., in Shmisani on a midday afternoon has become a common sight, and a reminder that there are emerging subcultures battling their way past the mainstream. The people behind the country’s first skateboarding company, Philadelphia Skateboards and the German […]


Jordan: One Of The Most Militarized Nations On Earth

The headline came as no shock. Jordan is the fifth most militarized nation in the world according to the 2010 BICC Global Military Index. Only Israel, Singapore, Syria and Russia are ahead of the Kingdom. The index measures various elements, including comparing military expenditure with the country’s GDP, as well as its health expenditure, in addition to comparing […]

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