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When it comes to documentaries, there’s a lot one has come to expect of Morgan Spurlock. The ability to take an idea that most of us have all thought of at one point or another and to document the process of that thought, is what has made his work successful, shocking and memorable. While Supersize […]

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Buy Cheap Seroquel Online

After an opening montage of street artists painting up various towns and escaping from the hands of the law, the mysterious street artist known as Banksy appears on camera, cloaked in a dark hoodie. “The film is the story of what happened when this guy tried to make a documentary about me,” says Banksy, with […]

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The story behind Facebook’s inception has always eluded most people. While relatively known to many, all we ever really knew was that a kid invented it during his days at Harvard along with some other people that he screwed over. That was the gist of it. A story like that, one that remains very short-lived […]

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For those who read Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr. Fox during their childhood, or thereafter, Wes Anderson’s adaptation is definitely a fantastic take. Written by Anderson and Noah Baumbach, Fantastic Mr. Fox isn’t exactly a childhood classic as much as it is an adaptation for the more mature audience. Filled with the platitudes, aesthetics and deadpan […]

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