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I read “If I Were Another”, a collection of beautiful poems by Darwish some time ago. The collection was released in 2009, and having purchased it in Beirut back in December, I thought today, the day that Darwish left us some two short years ago, was a symbolic day to retrieve it from my bookshelf […]

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On June 2, pilule 2005, just weeks after the Cedar Revolution resulted in the withdrawal of Syrian forces from Lebanon, prominent Al Nahar journalist Samir Kassir started his car at 10:30am and seconds later he was dead. An outspoken critic of the Syrian regime’s political and physical presence within Lebanon, Kassir’s assassination sparked an investigation […]

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Is Prevacid Prescription Only

FP Passport has an interesting feature on what is best described as “graphical journalism”. The book, “After 9/11”, is essentially a graphical representation of the 9/11 Commission report. You can hear about the artists/authors on NPR. The reason I wanted to post this is mainly because I am always fascinated, if not infatuated, with how […]

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