Eid Al-Adha & Economic Sacrifices

There’s an article today in the Jordan Times attempting to articulate the predicament many Jordanians have found themselves in this year: the rising price of Jordanian sheep. There has been a noticeable price difference between the local variety and the international variety coming mainly from Australia, and that difference is related the rising prices of […]

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How Mickey Mouse Got Beheaded

…Along with Tom & Jerry and the rest of my childhood… Well, it should be pointed out that I think the brief second of hesitation towards the end suggested the he was aware Mickey is a cartoon and so was being somewhat satirical about the killing of him. Because really, how do you kill a […]

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Ramadan In The Digital Age

Who would’ve thought that blogs, social networking, SMS messages and the Internet in general, would be such a Ramadan-enabler, creating what is perhaps a Ramadani Web 2.0 subculture in the Arabian peninsula. Here’s a sampling of just some of the SMS messages that arrived to my cell phone since Ramadan began… [translated from Arabic] The […]

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