The Socioeconomics Of Bad Weather In Jordan Why We Shouldn't Be Shocked By The Mayor's Statements

 We’ve grown used to injustice in this country. We’ve grown accustomed to remaining relatively silent for the sake of not rocking the boat. From bad laws, policies, scandals, whatever – we’ve become anesthetized; satisfied with living out our lives in this Kingdom as best we can, taking small steps forward as we move with our […]

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Breakfast In Amman, With Mahathir Mohamad Lessons From The Malaysian Experience

It’s a clear-skied Friday morning in September, and the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad, walks into an eco-café on the tip of Jabal Amman. Surrounded by security, he’s escorted on to the outdoor terrace overlooking the temple of Hercules, the Citadel and an Umayyad Palace – overlooking a city’s ancient past, centuries in […]

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Carrots And Sticks: How Jordan’s Appeasement Policy Killed Law And Order

“Indeed, brother: the law is now above everyone!!” Jordan has always had a casual relationship when it comes to the application of the law, and both the state and the people have always found ways to undermine laws when needed. Right now, while the government and its parliament decide on what new laws should be […]

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How Jordanian Parliament Lost Its Mind And Why Its Time To Dissolve It

The state of Jordanian parliament today reminds me of the Dead Sea. It’s the lowest point on Earth, it’s a body of water where nothing can survive, and it continues to recede every year causing an increasingly dire situation. The events in parliament that have transpired in the past few days and weeks have come […]

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