Photo Of The Moment | The Palestine Papers And Jordan

REUTERS: Abu Mohammad, an 83-year-old Palestinian refugee, speaks to Reuters TV at Al Hussein Palestinian refugee camp in Amman January 25, 2011. A proposal by Palestinian negotiators to exclude millions Palestinian refugees in Jordan, Syria, or Lebanon from potential vote over a peace deal with Israel has sent a shockwave amongst refugees in Jordan. In […]

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Israeli Posts Pictures Of Herself With Palestinian Prisoners On Facebook, What’s The Big Deal?

So an Israeli soldier posts photos of herself hanging out with Palestinian prisoners, up on Facebook. Wait, why am I overcome with an overwhelming sense of deja vu? Eden Abergil, posted them on her Facebook account under an album titled “The Army… the most beautiful time of my life :)” I mean, come on. Doesn’t […]

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Robert Fisk’s Commentary On Why Jordan Is Occupied By Palestinians

There is perhaps little doubt that Robert Fisk is probably one of the most knowledgeable and analytical minds when it comes to Middle Eastern affairs and his commentary is as insightful as it is enlightening. Suffice to say, when Fisk has something to say about the Middle East, which is frequent, it is wise to […]

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Verbatim | Queen Rania Criticizes Israel

“The attack stunned the world because of its blatant and absurd disregard for anything resembling international law, human rights, and diplomatic norms. Its glaring outrageousness stunned, but didn’t surprise, me. It cannot be viewed in isolation. It is another upshot of a dogma long fermenting on Israel’s political landscape. It is a doctrine that lives […]

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