This Intifada Will Be Digital As Another Uprising Takes Shape In Palestine, What Role Do We Play From Behind Our Screens?

I was in my senior year at high school when the Second Intifada began in September 2000. While it wasn’t my first exposure to injustice in Palestine, it was a moment in which personal concern for the cause was cultivated. We skipped class, jumped school walls, and joined protests in the streets, while regional mainstream […]

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Jordan’s Predictable Municipal Elections And The Syria Factor

Looking back at yesterday’s municipal elections, there’s very little one can offer by way of analysis but these are just random snippets of my personal observations. The same electoral system established the same predications and yielded the same results. High tribal turnout, specifically in the south; low Amman and Zarqa turnout where more than half […]

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Jordan’s AlGhad Newspaper Prints Fake Interview With Henry Kissinger

Last Tuesday, upon flipping through a hardcopy issue of Al Ghad newspaper, I fell upon a strange article, which, loosely translated, was titled: “Kissinger: Deaf is he who does not hear the drums of war”. The piece is apparently based on an interview conducted by Alferd Heinz, reporting for an entity dubbed Global Research, and […]

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