Photo Of The Moment | The Palestine Papers And Jordan

REUTERS: Abu Mohammad, an 83-year-old Palestinian refugee, speaks to Reuters TV at Al Hussein Palestinian refugee camp in Amman January 25, 2011. A proposal by Palestinian negotiators to exclude millions Palestinian refugees in Jordan, Syria, or Lebanon from potential vote over a peace deal with Israel has sent a shockwave amongst refugees in Jordan. In […]

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Photo Of The Moment: Inside The Election Tent Of A Moderate Jordanian Female Islamist

REUTERS: Jordanian parliamentary candidate Mahera Jewehan of the moderate Islamist Wastyea Party speaks with her supporters at her electoral centre in Amman October 21, find 2010. I thought this was a great photo of the insides of a standard campaign tent, pharm especially for those who have never seen nor heard of one. What is […]

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Photo Of The Moment | Islamists Boycotting Jordanian Parliamentary Elections; A Wise Move?

REUTERS: Jordan’s Islamic Action Front Party leader Hamzi Mansour gestures during a news conference in Amman August 2, 2010. The Islamic Action Front, the political wing of Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood, the country’s largest political grouping, said on Monday that it has decided to boycott the November election in protest against a new voting system which […]

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Photo Of The Moment | Nakba

AP Photo: Jordanian protestors burn products from Israeli settlements during a rally in front of the fruit and vegetable market, south of Amman, in Jordan, Saturday, May 15, 2010, marking the 62nd anniversary of the “Nakba”, where hundreds of thousands of Palestinians fled or were driven out during the 1948 war surrounding Israel’s creation. In […]

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